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Gamax Ltd. is a medium size localization agency with a Hungarian headquarter since 1993. With our relatively small organization size, we are able to provide a high level of flexibility and personal customer relationship, but can still handle complex and high volume jobs thanks to our professional project leaders and wide vendor network.

Our dedicated project managers are familiar with their clients’ needs and expectations and can therefor answer the different queries and issues with the utmost circumspection. A personal approach means that the project leader is always aware of the small things the customer needs on top of the Time, Budget and Quality trinity – the things that can make a person’s day brighter.

We also understand the importance of every comma and dash – the tiny characters that can change the style and tone, the look and feel of any given text. We therefore have translators and reviewers who are not only highly qualified, but also specialized in given fields and who can concentrate on this aspect too. We take pride in always looking after the most appropriate vendor for a given job so that the translation is as accurate as possible both in terms of content and style – our translators are not copywriters, unless the job requires it.


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